Chasing the Valley 2: Borderlands

The action-packed adventure continues in the second book of the Chasing the Valley trilogy!

Danika and her crew of escaped refugees are seeking the safety of the Magnetic Valley – and trying to evade Sharr Morrigan, the king’s most lethal hunter. But the borderlands they must cross to reach the Valley are smugglers’ territory: lawless, wild and steeped in ancient magic. When one of the crew is badly wounded, Danika turns to the smugglers for help – and accepts a bargain that might prove deadly.

It is Lukas, however, who hides the most dangerous secret. What has he seen through the eagle’s eyes? The answer can be found in an alchemy charm and a smuggler’s tale, and will lead Danika and her friends to an electrifying, unputdownable showdown.

Release: 1 January 2014

Publisher: Random House Australia

ISBN: 9781742759562


  • China – Phoenix World Publishing
  • Australia and New Zealand – Random House
  • Germany – DTV Junior
  • Large Print – Read How You Want

What are reviewers saying?

“Refreshingly original, wildly imaginative and basically just really, really GREAT, the Chasing the Valley series is best described as steampunk-fanstasy-adventure. The first book was a magical rollercoaster ride and this one is ever better.” Sarah McDuling, Booktopia

“Book one was among my top five reads of last year, and Borderlands blows it out of the water. It’s the ultimate blend of an oppressive rule, a post apocalyptic landscape, adventure, survival and a touch of romance, beautifully woven into a heart stopping storyline.” — Kelly, The Diva Booknerd

“[A]n epic sequel to the first novel, Chasing the Valley. Borderlands carries on with the story seamlessly and makes the reader feel like they never put the last book down… This series is definitely, without a doubt, one of my favourites.” Sarah Filkin, ReadPlus

“[A]n amazing thriller of a read… Fast paced, full of drama and humor the story was action packed, I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next.” Sally, Books and Musings From Downunder

“The sequel was even better than the original… It had me turning the page at warp-speed. I don’t think I’ve read something that fast, with that much enthusiasm, in quite a long time.” Tracey, Words Have Music

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