The Deadlands: Hunted

Battle rages between the dinosaur kingdoms of Cretacea.

When the Fallen Star struck, it brought death and despair, ash and toxic rain. But some dinosaurs survived… and were changed. Their minds grew alert. They learned to speak. To dream. To wage war.

As the two remaining dinosaur kingdoms fight for territory, Eleri, the disgraced son of a prince, is exiled from his home for saving an enemy soldier. Banished to the merciless Deadlands, a terrifying desert full of tar pits, poisonous gas, and ruthless carnivores, he must join forces with a group of questionable allies—including the enemy soldier he saved—to avoid becoming prey.

When Eleri and his fellow exiles discover the horrific truth behind the war, the unlikely heroes must do all they can to save their kingdoms from a lurking predator… and a secret plot that might destroy them all.

Release Date: 4 April 2023


  • Australia and New Zealand – Walker Books
  • United Kingdom – Walker Books
  • United States – Henry Holt Books for Young Readers (Macmillan)

What are reviewers saying?

“This is my favorite middle grade book of the year . . . Full of heart, I would have inhaled a series like this as a kid—I did as an adult. It’s the full package.” —New York Times-bestselling author Amie Kaufman

“A claw-biting epic fantasy full of family drama, clever humor, nonstop action, weighty themes, and of course, the coolest band of misfit dinosaurs around.” —John David Anderson, author of Ms. Bixby’s Last Day and Posted

“A fast-paced trilogy opener . . . will undoubtedly spark interest among Jurassic enthusiasts, and the engaging adventure will entice readers.” —Publishers Weekly

“A terrific series opener . . . The world building is exquisite, with intricate mythologies, governments, and histories in place. The growing rapport between species is a delight, and though the focus is on friendship and family, there are deeper meditations on morality and war. A treat for any dinosaur devotee.” —Booklist

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