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It’s Release Day!

It’s release day! The first book in The Deadlands trilogy is roaring onto bookshelves across the US, Australia and NZ today. (UK friends, it will hit your shelves next month!)

I’ve been working on this trilogy for the last few years — and it has certainly been a tumultuous time. In addition to writing three books, I got married, moved house twice, experienced the Melbourne lockdowns, changed roles at my day job… and even gave birth to my first baby!

Despite all these recent changes, one thing has remained steady: my work on this trilogy. I’ve had an absolute blast writing The Deadlands. These books are full of all my favourite story elements: magic, courage, friendship and adventure.

It’s always a bit scary to launch a new book into the world, having no idea what readers will think. I hope that you enjoy reading this one as much as I’ve loved writing it!