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Upcoming Events: Queensland & Victoria

Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce that I’ll be appearing at some awesome writers’ festivals over the next few months. I feel very lucky to participate in these events and it would be lovely to meet some of my readers there.

1. Voices on the Coast (QLD)

In July, I’ll be presenting several writing workshops at Voices on the Coast Festival on the Sunshine Coast. This is a fantastic youth literature festival and I can’t wait to attend for the first time this year!


2. Melbourne Writers Festival (VIC)

In August, I’ll be appearing at the Melbourne Writers Festival. I had a great time at MWF last year and can’t wait to participate again!


der clan der schmuggler
In other news, I recently received my German copies of Borderlands. In German, the book is called Magnetic Valley: Der Clan der Schmuggler (‘The Clan of Smugglers’).

As always, the publishing team at DTV have done a brilliant job and it’s such a thrill to see the book in another language!

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